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Today, I am a man!

I don’t see someone who lives from one binge to the next or someone who is a slave to a monster in their mind. For the first time ever, I see myself as strong. I am someone who has taken control of a difficult situation and chosen life. Looking back, I’m overcome with gratitude to have been given the tools to recover, because while an eating disorder is painful, so is recovery. Thank you Magen Avraham for giving me the keys!


At first, Anorexia was my friend. She was loyal, devoted and knew how to make feel good about myself. Then, suddenly, she turned into one of those mean characters from the story books. She began to manipulate me, making fun of me, telling me how worthless I was. She upset everyone around me, ruining my relationships and making my family cry. I was stuck though- no matter how hard I tried to separate myself, I was pulled back to her. It’s a terrifying thing to lose all control, especially in so toxic a relationship! Thank you Magen Avraham for helping me break free.


Forever Grateful,


Thank You Magen Avrohom

For many years, the terrible shame of having an eating disorder led me to keep it a secret. It was always there- like a pesky bee, always buzzing, always bothering... but no one knew. I remember how jealous I'd feel, seeing my classmates eating lunch without feeling guilty. I'll never forget the terrible feelings of wanting so badly to be carefree! I wanted to get out and felt so trapped.

Sadly, I waited many years before I reached out for help. I cry as I write this, knowing that so much pain could have been avoided, if only I had reached out earlier. I hope that by reading this, other people struggling will gather the courage to seek help and beat this monster in their mind. For me, it was Magen Avraham who was there in my darkest hours. They have the strength of truly understanding the mind of a struggler!

Hatzlacha Raba,


It was Magen Avraham that was there 

I’m so grateful to all of you dedicated individuals who have helped me escape from the shackles of Bulimia. You have taught me to love life by loving myself. You have taught me the true meaning of self- respect. And though it’s hard work, I don’t binge and purge anymore.

To all of you who showed how much you cared about me, I thank you daily by honoring my neshama and choosing the gift of life. Thank you!



I Thank You Daily

Dear   Magen Avraham

An eating disorder, unlike other serious illness, faces serious stigma, forcing many to suffer in silence. And while keeping it a secret often seems to be the safer option, it actually makes the eating disorder worse. Eating disorders thrive on isolation and keeping it hidden often means giving it a permanent residence.

Please know that there is help out there! I'm writing this to let the community know, that B'ezras Hashem, recovery is possible! Seek the help you need and build for yourselves a greater, happier tomorrow!                                                         


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