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More than 1,800 lives saved and improved.
That says a mouthful!

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Rabbi Dovid Dewick first encountered anorexia over 30 years ago, At that time, eating disorders were largely unheard of and families were at a complete loss, with nowhere to turn for treatment and support. Through his consultations with gedolim and medical professionals, his reputation spread, as someone who was ready to get into the trenches with the strugglers.

After witnessing this debilitating disease first hand, Rabbi Dewick founded Magen Avrohom in 2003 under the guidance and directive of the Amshinover Rebbe.

Today Magen Avraham is the first place to turn for individuals and families struggling with eating disorders. Utilizing Rabbi Dewick’s expertise and wide professional network, Magen Avraham offers a comprehensive range of services addressing the environmental, social, familial, medical, psychological and educational needs of eating disorder patients. Additionally, we offer guidance to the families, helping them understand the issues and providing them with tools to facilitate recovery.

The road to recovery is not a straight and direct route, but a gradual and incremental one, fraught with countless setbacks. Magen Avraham is a place where patients and their families receive immense emotional support, feel accepted and understood throughout the entire process. All information is kept strictly confidential.

This approach has helped free myriads of strugglers from the grips of this life- threatening disease.

Please join our LIFE- SAVING MISSION!

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